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Below are a number of frequently asked questions about the Northern Raiders and Gridiron in general. 

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When does the season start?

Gridiron Victoria is currently in the process of finalising the 2020 season details due to COVID-19. The season is projected to start late August for Men's and Colt's and mid September for Women's. Keep an eye out on Gridiron Victoria's website or our Facebook page for more information.

What age do you have to be to play Colt's (U19)?

The required age for Colt's is 15 - 19 years old.
Junior females are not permitted to play in the Colt's league but can play Women's from 16+.

What age do you have to be to play Women's

The required age for Women's is 16+ years old.
Junior females are not permitted to play in the Colt's league.

I don't have any equiptment, can I still play?

The Northern Raiders allow players to hire a club helmet and shoulder pads for the season for a small fee. It is reccommended to purchase your own football boots (soccer and AFL boots are ok) and gridiron specific 7 pad pants. Uniform and training tops will be provided as apart of your membership.

I want to play! What do I do now?

If you are interested in playing come down to one of our training sessions and introduce yourself to someone. They will point you onto the right people to speak to!
Once pre-season starts (TBC) we will train from 7pm-9pm every Tuesday and Thursday. DR Atkinson Reserve, Reservoir (enter from Argyle St)
Please check Social Media for updates.

I know nothing about Gridiron/American Football. Can I still play?

Of course! There is a spot for everyone in Gridiron not matter your experience level. We have a number of seasoned coaches that will guide you though the basics and help you gain the knowledge you need to play.

I don't really play any sport/I am not really that fit. Can I still play?

Hell yes you can! There is no better time than now to start working on yourself. There is a spot for everyone in Gridiron not matter your fitness level. Trainings generally consist of some fitness, individual drills and then team drills/scrimmage.

When and where are the games played?

The upcoming season is scheduled to run from August through to early December. Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays and will either be at our home field DR Atkinson Reserve, Reservoir or another clubs home field within Victoria.

My child is under 15, is there a team they can join?

Currently the Northern Raiders do not have a Junior varsity team (Under 15 mixed). Though we are looking to add one for the upcoming season so we are taking expressions of interest.

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